Mar 15, 2015


-20.03.2015- Hozan Kawa - Newroz

Last video is from Kawa with "Newroz". Newroz we piroz be.

-20.03.2015- Xero Abbas - Newroz tu hati

Today´s video is from Xero Abbas with "Newroz tu hati". Nice song.

-19.03.2015- Eyaz - Newroz(1984)

Today´s video is from Eyaz with "Newroz". Nice song and brillant voice.
I hope you will like it.

-18.03.2015- Xemdar - Newroz

The fourth video is from Xemdar with "Newroz". Nice video and song.

-17.03.2015- Koma Berxwedan - Newroz

The third Video is from Koma Berxwedan with "Newroz".
I hope you will like it.

-16.03.2015- Demhat Botan - Newroz

The Second Video is from Demhat Botan and his song about Newroz. Very beautiful video.
I hope you will like it.

- 15.03.2015 - Hassan Zirek

I know Newrroz is in one week. This post is for one week. So it´s "Newroz week"

This Post will begin with a classic and wonderful song from Hassan Zirek about Newroz.

I will Post very day, in the afternoon, a new Video. So visit me very day and watch this Post for new Music.

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